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Latest News on Investing
23 Jul 2014 06:49
As "Automated Trading System" or ATS becomes the norm in the stock market today, it is not surprising for human traders to realize their loss. A company that employs human traders might also be thinking of switching to automatic systems before the company would be realizing losses.
22 Jul 2014 16:14
A binary option trading is a widely recognized type of investment where traders can gain more money when they use trading strategies effectively or otherwise lose more money if not. Unlike other investment options, binary trading option enables the trader to know how money to lose or to gain. Thus, it involves a known risk. Many traders are making a lot of money from trading binary options when they make use of effective trading strategies.
22 Jul 2014 13:46
In the world of options trading, there are many terms and concepts that are often misunderstood such as put option, call option, weekly options, options strategies, and more. In this article we will explore these terms as well as how options work and ways to use them to generate profits and consistent income.
21 Jul 2014 14:53
"The most important factor to consider when thinking of purchasing any investment is suitability. Too many investors (and advisors) get this wrong." Having been presented with many hundreds of investment portfolios to examine over the course of my career, one key mistake I see over and over is improper asset allocation. Here are some common examples:
21 Jul 2014 14:38
"Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it... he who doesn't... pays it." - Albert Einstein. Einstein clearly understood the power of compounding when he made this quote, yet few people either fail to take advantage of compounding, or simply lack understanding of it.
21 Jul 2014 10:21
More than ever, rezoning is a key consideration in UK land investing. New zoning laws in the UK have ushered in a different set of land use planning rules. Now land investors work with local authorities to address community concerns.
21 Jul 2014 06:45
The burst of the housing bubble in 2008 put many UK homeowners and taxpayers on guard against building. But the benefits of building are hard to ignore.
18 Jul 2014 07:12
There is no difference between growing a tree and growing your money. In other words, all you have to do is to simply apply the cultivation methods applicable for growing a tree to your finances and you will be suitably rewarded with a "fruitful" tree.
17 Jul 2014 11:36
The stock market is the most volatile investment portfolio so much so that every investor should think twice before entering. With that said, it is also the most lucrative way to increase one's investment as one can earn triple their invested capital minus any administrative fee and other fees.
15 Jul 2014 16:50
The bubble is going to burst -that is what many headlines are saying. The question then becomes twofold: when and are you prepared?
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