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Latest News on Investing
22 Aug 2014 16:28
Emerging markets simply refers to the BRICS countries. The term covers so many more markets that just Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Further countries are seeing an economic transformation, including the Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria and Ethiopia (or 'the PINEs'). Fueled by a growing middle class and strong economic performance, as well as advances in technology, improved healthcare and education, these countries are experiencing their own business boom.
21 Aug 2014 11:55
The stock market without a doubt appears unstable and volatile. However, it is possible to maintain a firm grip on and make good money in the process. This translates into following the golden rules of trading which will keep you in charge and in control of everything that your investment goes through. The rules are the difference between investors who have positive stock trading tales to tell and those who have negative stories of their trading efforts. It is always helpful to work with a strategy to make stock investment and trading work for you.
20 Aug 2014 06:46
At first glance, a variable annuity (VA) or equity index (EIA) annuity would seem like a sound investment. After all, you are told by the salesman that you could earn market-type returns instead of the stodgy, nominal returns on a Certificate of Deposit (CD) or fixed rate annuity (DA). Further, all gains are tax-deferred until you begin withdrawing the money at retirement age. You also get a limited guaranteed death benefit, at a cost. Like I said, everything sounds great so far.
19 Aug 2014 13:42
Intervesting is the art of investing IN Highly Profitable Internet businesses. It's all about finding, evaluating, & buying Websites that yield 50% a year on average.
18 Aug 2014 09:28
Investors in raw land, looking to develop it into much-needed housing, are also responsible for infrastructure development. But to what extent? For those looking to make alternative investments into UK strategic land, it is worth noting that Conservative MP Nick Herbert raised a few difficult issues - along with unpleasant scenarios - when he published an opinion piece in the Daily Telegraph in late 2012
18 Aug 2014 08:58
What are seen as the controversies around converting land from agriculture to housing? The value of UK Green Belt and agricultural lands is undisputed. But the environmental costs of modern farming and housing needs are part of the conversation as well.
15 Aug 2014 11:45
For investment to be successful; it needs to be smart.The article provides tips about that.
14 Aug 2014 10:15
The algorithmic trading system has been gaining popularity thanks to its high success rate in predicting outcomes of stock prices that provide investors high yields in the stock market. Although the system is just new in the market, the attractiveness of the platform and the positive performance it has shown recently makes it a lucrative investment option for many.
12 Aug 2014 15:38
Automated trading is a relatively new but very promising technology. Its main idea lies in transmitting account management to a computer program. In MetaTrader 4 market analysis is also entrusted to these programs (Expert Advisors). In other words, MetaTrader 4 completely releases traders from the routine market watching and the execution of trade operations.
12 Aug 2014 08:50
Immigrants to the UK, both ethnic and white, fuel a net population increase. This places price pressure on land and homes, the supply of which lags demand.
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